Who are we?

I am Christine and I live in Relegem (near Brussels) All my life I have been a real animal lover. I have had many pets and on this site you will be able to meet some of them. But my love for cats is really a passion! With this passion and a dream that I have had for a long time, I started breeding as a hobby and started Cattery Bendolly!!

Cattery Bendolly

The name Bendolly was quickly found “Ben” from the breed Bengal, “Doll” from the breed ragdoll and the obvious letter “Y”, which is my lucky letter. That letter played an important role in different phases of my life, it comes back in the names of my 2 sons and in the names of all our pets.

Why Bengals and Ragdoll’s

I have had several breeds, and currently 3 breeds are still living harmoniously together here at home. So I’m not a cat mom with 1 breed. Because of the special bond I had with my bengal it was obvious that I would do something with it. But the ragdoll, so different from the bengal and yet so complementary could not miss this adventure. And both breeds really fit me!
All our cats live with us in the house and are an integral part of our lives. I pamper and care for my animals with all my heart and soul!
I find it very important to breed very beautiful, healthy and social kittens. Therefore I look for good combinations and choose my animals very carefully (all my animals are tested for good qualities (eg HCM, PKD, FIV, FelV, …). The kittens are dewormed, vaccinated, microchipped, spayed or neutered before they leave the nest. They have a pedigree and receive a kitten package.
My kittens are raised in the house together with other cats and dog, they are therefore familiar with all domestic sounds. I do everything to socialize them as good as possible in which I am assisted with great pleasure by the other members of the family.
For more information, please feel free to contact me via the contact page or at 0495/219.714

2019 : Cattery Bendolly is evolving

We are a few years further and much richer in breeding experience”. And because you have to make choices in life, even if sometimes they are very difficult, I have stopped breeding Bengals at the end of 2019. I still find Bengals fantastic cats but not from a breeding perspective. So we are currently continuing the story with ragdolls.

That same year, our dog Sky welcomed a new friend, Syrox, a cane corso came to complete our “dog” family.